This domestic cut-and-sew woven shirt and uniform factory is available for sale or lease. This offer is for the factory, sewing machinery and facility only, to be used for your sewing business, because the pre-existing businesses have been sold. Most operators have left or found other work, but operators may be available.

The facility is located in the mid-Atlantic area, and is close to interstates, general and commercial airports, and an international marine terminal; with easy access to most trades.  The area has a long history of apparel production, so operators are available; and nearby non-profit and resettlement agencies are eager to help find and place sewing labor. There are also numerous local institutions of higher learning.

The real estate consists of at least 20,000 interior sq. ft., half of which is currently used for production.  Working spaces are heated, air-conditioned, fully sprinklered, and have abundant natural light. Additional features include vacuum pump for pressing tables, feed rail, compressed air (with dehumidifier), washer/dryer, security system, 30 HP steam boiler, 440 volt electric service and multiple cutting tables. The 50+ machines include: single needle, serging, pressing, fusing, blind hem, folding, packing, and shipping; and there is a semi-trailer-height loading dock. The buildings are located in a quiet residential neighborhood, close to commercial services, with off-street parking. Exterior land footprint is 28,000 square feet, with off street parking.   The facility is available now.

Please call Mr. Ernst at 410-375-4766, or email to