A&S Clothing, Inc. is a denim manufacturing company located in Blue Ridge, GA. We are currently operating in a 20,000 sq.ft. building and have been in the denim business for 25+ years. Our products over the years have ranged from denim jeans and jackets to twill pants, fire resistant clothing, and military bags. We have a variety of equipment including automatic Pfaff back pocket setters, automatic belt loop machines, several straight needle machines, double needle machines, sergers, felling machines, buttonhole machines, waistband machines and more.
We are currently seeking contract work for denim or other heavy weight fabrics. We have open production and our facility provides cut, sew, and inspection of products. We do not have an in-house washing facility.
Please contact us via phone or e-mail at:
Office Phone: (706) 632-2133
Personal Phone: (706) 455-0955