Lloyd Wood – “State of the U.S. Textile Industry: Numbers & Policy” National Council of Textile Organizations (NCTO) Director of Public Affairs Lloyd Wood will brief conference attendees on key U.S. textile industry statistics and trends. He also will outline the U.S. textile industry’s policy priorities on NAFTA, China 301 tariffs, and government procurement before closing […]

Harry Moser  “Reshoring Sewn Products: It’s for Real” Details Here TCO Estimator for sourcing decisions and selling vs. offshore competitors Library for seeking customers and competitors that are reshoring Summary of surveys on consumer preferences for Made in USA

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Rick Vizziello, Lectra 3 Key Takeaways Industry 4.0 places U.S. factories at the heart of the value chain.  Industry 4.0, leaves more room for large scale personalization.  Industry 4.0 will propel a new digitalized lifecycle for products, for the benefit of consumers.

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Ron Houle, Pivot Step Consultants 3 Key Takeaways 1.“Sequestration continues to put pressure on the defense budget and needs to be repealed”. 2. While the defense budget is experiencing growth, the demands on the US military continue to grow and continue to place stress on the current force structure. 3.Modernization remains […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Chunlian “Lian” Yang, Alston & Bird 3 Key Takeaways The Trump Administration’s international trade agenda will continue to evolve as it pushes for “better deals” with trading partners.  However, it is far from clear whether the efforts will achieve the intended goals of reducing U.S. trade deficits and bringing manufacturing jobs […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Jerry Inman, Demand Worldwide 3 Key Takeaways With industry challenges like mass personalization and customization for a new generation of consumers, SEAMS members can help “big time” if they build the right supply chain partnerships. Blockchain, RFID/eThread/Sensors, PIM and AR/VR are NEED TO KNOW technologies for the sewn products industry in […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Jimmy Barnhardt, Unifi Manufacturing 4 Key Takeaways Sustainability starts at home and in the office. Leave no trace! If you wait for the consumer to green your company, you are too late. We did not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children. Remember to reuse, […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Frank Henderson, Henderson Sewing Machine Company 3 Key Takeaways  “We in America can compete in the global Textile & Sewn Products Industries by utilizing Robotics & Automation in our facilities”  If your plant “Looks and is the Same” as it was 10-15 years Ago… You must change or be bypassed by […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Andy Arkin, Next Wave 3 Key Takeaways 1. The digital textile revolution is reshoring to the U.S. These new age production facilities will be simple, clean, streamlined, green and automated with easy to use software and equipment with minimal labor requirements. 2. Today digital textile printing represents only 4%, over the […]

Most apparel brands and retailers would love to manufacture their clothes closer to home. If the costs were equal, sourcing nearby would be a no-brainer. Along with shorter lead times that enable you to respond faster to unpredictable demand, manufacturing closer to your market also reduces supply risks, improves communication, encourages innovation, and supports your […]