GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Rick Vizziello, Lectra 3 Key Takeaways Industry 4.0 places U.S. factories at the heart of the value chain.  Industry 4.0, leaves more room for large scale […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Ron Houle, Pivot Step Consultants 3 Key Takeaways 1.“Sequestration continues to put pressure on the defense budget and needs to be repealed”. 2. While the defense […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Chunlian “Lian” Yang, Alston & Bird 3 Key Takeaways The Trump Administration’s international trade agenda will continue to evolve as it pushes for “better deals” with […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Jerry Inman, Demand Worldwide 3 Key Takeaways With industry challenges like mass personalization and customization for a new generation of consumers, SEAMS members can help “big […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Jimmy Barnhardt, Unifi Manufacturing 4 Key Takeaways Sustainability starts at home and in the office. Leave no trace! If you wait for the consumer to green […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Frank Henderson, Henderson Sewing Machine Company 3 Key Takeaways  “We in America can compete in the global Textile & Sewn Products Industries by utilizing Robotics & […]

GET THE FULL PRESENTATION Andy Arkin, Next Wave 3 Key Takeaways 1. The digital textile revolution is reshoring to the U.S. These new age production facilities will be simple, clean, […]