Announcing a new book release, Get it Made: Build Your Clothing Line from Idea to Reality by Mindy Martell

March, 22, 2023 (Saint Paul, MN) — Announcing a new book release, Get it Made: Build Your Clothing

March, 22, 2023 (Saint Paul, MN) — Announcing a new book release, Get it Made: Build Your Clothing Line from Idea to Reality by Minnesota author and clothing factory owner, Mindy Martell. 

Mindy’s purpose for this book is two fold:

  1. To educate apparel entrepreneurs to be better clients for the industry as a whole. Once they read this book they will be better prepared to engage with various vendors such as pattern makers, fabric vendors and production facilities. 
  2. To combat fast-fashion by lowering the barrier of entry for new apparel entrepreneurs through education and preparation while entering the industry.

Description of the book: 

The book is written for anyone looking to make apparel. It is great for beginners and great for those that have been through design school but have never worked in the industry. It is written as 20 lesson plans with corresponding worksheets. There are many stories woven throughout the book of Mindy’s experience working with over 1000 apparel entrepreneurs and launching their products through her factory.  She has been teaching the content in this book for over 7 years and has continually perfected it. 

Endorsement of the book: 

“Now Mindy has taken her vast knowledge and experience in a convoluted industry and turned it into this book. This is a valuable resource for any apparel entrepreneur and clothing designer. From honing an initial concept to selecting manufacturers, this book [Mindy] walks you through the real-world steps.”

–WILL DUNCAN, Executive Director, SEAMS, The Association & Voice of the US sewn products industry

Background to this book: 

Since 2006 Mindy Martell has been helping apparel entrepreneurs develop and manufacture apparel in the USA. In 2010 she opened a cut/sew factory that has since grown into a formidable USA factory. The factory, Clothier Design Source, has reduced the number of start-up companies they serve by helping more established businesses in the athletic, medical and government sectors.

With Mindy’s factory servicing less start-ups, back in 2019 Mindy realized how much she missed working with apparel start-ups. Her passion has long been to unravel the mysteries of the process and the industry. With big box stores taking over and using fast-fashion, she understands there is growing demand for unique items made in the USA. So in 2019 she started The Apparel Mentor business which is a second business from her factory.  This business exclusively helps and mentors new apparel entrepreneurs to understand the development and manufacturing process. 

About the Author

Sewing as a child with her mother and grandmother in rural Minnesota, Mindy Martell later realized that clothing design and creation could be an actual career. After her studies and working for several clothing lines, she started a design house and one of the rare woman-owned apparel factories in the US (Clothier Design Source), helping clients get thousands of products made since. Lately, she has created courses, written this book resource, and continues to mentor clients from product idea to reality—earning her title, “The Apparel Mentor.”

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